Lighting & Electrical Power Rental for Film, Television and Entertainment Industries.

Film and TV Lighting

Whether it’s a simple piece to camera or interview, a studio or outside broadcast, a commercial or a major movie set, our team will put together precisely the professional lighting solution your production project deserves – from LED, HMI and tungsten lighting to control desks, cables and consumables.

Transport & Generators

From portable 10Kw models to 110Kw trailer-towed ones and trucks with integral generators we have all the power your production could need. And whether your shoot lasts a day, a night or several weeks, at a location near or far, we have the transport fleet and expert personnel to ensure you have that power where you want it, precisely when you need it.


Without consummate Film and Television sector professionals expertly handling your production’s rigging, the whole thing risks falling apart – literally. That’s why we work closely with our associates Traditional Film Rigging (TFR). Using only the most highly qualified and experienced personnel, TFR deliver a complete solution from consultation to installation and construction that’s unrivalled in the industry.


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